Llamas, Remote Explosives and Fortnite Mobile!

Fortnite has recently released a new update that has come with heaps of new things for us to use.

Firstly, we have the Fortnite Mobile that was released this week and I was very lucky to get it early on and I have been able to play a few games. It is basically the exact same as Fortnite Xbox, PS4 or PC, apart from that the mobile versions graphics are a bit more cartoony than the original and whenever there is gunfire or people running near you a line will appear near your character in the direction of the sound. But apart from that weapons, chests and building are exactly the same.Image result for fortnite mobile gameplayImage result for fortnite mobile gameplay

Next, we have the remote explosive. Now, these are a heap of fun. You can make hilarious traps or get amazing kills. Throw one down, run away and then pull the trigger and your remote explosive will blow.


And Finally, we have the llama, a new type of chest that will appear at random locations inside the map and will give you 500 of each type of resource (wood, brick and metal) and will also give you masses of ammo of all types and you might even be able to find some remote explosives inside as well! However, Llamas are very rare and there will only be three dotted around the map.

Image result for llama fortnite

Moira Is Out!

And now yet another new Overwatch character has been released… Moira!

Good things about her

Her range on her normal weapon is surprisingly good and her backstory is really cool. I love her fade ability, similar to Reaper’s but in some ways cooler. She is really effective when allies and enemies are close together, as she can use her biotic orb to either heal all her allies or damage all her enemies. Her Ult looks epic. In my opinion, she is the better version of symettra.

Bad Things about her

Moira Is a healer but It is so annoying because everything plays her like a DPS?!?!? What’s up with that? It’s quite funny because before nobody wanted to play a healer but now the only class you ever see in a game will be a healer. She Is not as effective when everybody is spaced out as her biotic orb can not hit multiple targets.

Overwatch 1st Anniversary – Lego map

Hey guys, to celebrate Overwatch’s first anniversary,  I decided to make a Lego Overwatch battle ground with tips to counter the heroes on it. Enjoy!

labelled lego overwatch.png

Here’s the battle with the heroes labelled. (The other photos below aren’t labelled.)


Orisa is engaged with Soldier 76 and has put her shield up for protection while soldier puts up his biotic field.

To be honest, I’m not sure how to counter Orisa, if you know please tell me in the comment section. But with Soldier, try and attack after he’s used his helix rockets as he is more vulnerable.



Reinhardt charging into battle

With Reinhardt, make sure to dodge his charge otherwise most heroes will die instantly, other than tanks and a few strong types like Bastion.


Bastion and Genji escorting the payload.

To beat Bastion, try and come up behind him or use heroes like Symettra or Junkrat, who can shoot than disappear into safety. To kill Genji, try and use Mei, Winston or Zarya, as he can’t deflect their primary weapon. It’s his deflection that is most dangerous.


Widowmaker in her sniper setup in a tower.

I think the way you should approach Widowmaker is come from behind, making sure not to get caught in her trap, usually placed to guard her back, and then surprise attack her.


Reinhardt beating up Reaper.

Personally, In a reaper Reinhardt fight, I think that if Reinhardt charges, blocks and attacks at the right time, he could beat or push back Reaper. However, Reapers large shotguns deal a lot of damage to big targets like Reinhardt, so It’s a pretty fair fight. Who do you think should win?

IF you want to see more gaming videos and funny skits check out my Youtube channel.

Overwatch Anniversary Out!!!!!

The 1st Overwatch Anniversary is out and with it 100 Brand New cosmetic items including skins THAT I JUST CAN’T GET OVER!! 


Just to make this even better they added 3 new maps. Black forest, Castillo and necropolis! Sadly, this is your only chance to get all these items and skins so if you have any credits I advise for you to use them now. This event started on the 23rd of may 2017 and will finish on June the 12th!

The New Symmetra!!

Recently, Blizzard has decided to change the healer Symmetra. She was very weak and not powerful enough as a healer or anything else. They have changed some of her abilities and made her current ones more powerful.  One of the major changes is that her ability to cast shields has been removed and replaced with an ability that shoots a moving shield that absorbs damage. This ability could be very useful for pushing onto an objective as the shield moves a walking pace. Her ultimate has also been changed so that she can switch between her teleporter and a shield generator, that automatically give shields to everyone on her team. She now also starts with 6 turrets available. her primary fire range has also increased from 5 meters to 7 meters.

However, I have been wondering if she should still be considered as a healer as she does not have any abilities that can restore players health, apart from one of her ultimates, the shield generator. I believe she should be a defence hero as even Soldier 76 (who is an offence hero) can do more healing than her.overwatch-symmetra.jpg

Overwatch Christmas Out

Overwatch Christmas is finally out and with it comes some awesome skins. There are lots of new Christmas themed skins including Rudolph (Roadhog) Santa (Torbjorn) and the Nutcracker (Zenyatta) and a bunch more.

I must admit, I am a bit disappointed at the Christmas brawl compared to Halloween one, Junkensteins revenge. It basically a huge Mei fight but your weapon shoots snowballs and has only a single shot. To reload you have to search the map for snow piles. You then suck them up and you get another single shot before you have to reload again. The ultimate gives you infinite ammo and you shoot very rapidly.

Here are some of the Overwatch Christmas skins.

mei christmsa skin.jpgmcree christmas skin.jpgOverwatch-Skin-Christmas-Epic-Roadhog-Rudolph-1024x576.jpgpharah christmas skin overwatch frostbite.png

Overwatch christmas coming soon:)

Overwatch Christmas is coming soon and with it, lots of epic new features. It’s going to be coming out on the 13th of December, a Tuesday, which is tomorrow!. there is going to be a new brawl similar to junkensteins revenge. Also, it is rumoured that 4 new maps will be added and one will have a Christmas theme. Every player will get a  holiday-themed spray, voice line and victory pose. I’m going to try and play it as much as I can. Sadly, I can only play on the weekends. this is Santahog, the Christmas roadhog skin.



Its Christmas!!

Hi people, Its Christmas soon so I’m going to put out some lego Christmas videos! These videos are funny and will start you off with a jolly Christmas spirit! I’m just thankful my dad isn’t here trying to put out some cheesy christmas jokes like, what do you call an elf that sings? a wrapper! Or the joke that my teacher would tell me. What do you call Santa’s helpers? subordinate clauses.

I’m dreading the time were we have to go Christmas shopping!!!  Luckily it wont be as bad as this video.