About ‘choose your side’

Jasper says:

The only problem about this video is that you didn’t get to see lots of the smuggler and I really do like the smuggler. That’s the only bad thing about it. There’s also lots of good things, I’ll tell you one of them. Well, I saw Vette walking with Darth Malgus in the door of the temple. The other bad thing is there were no Snipers around the place, and I kind of like snipers too.

Jasper couldn’t remember the name of the temple, and I noticed Vette first then we spoke about it.

Is Darth Malgus level 50? Can you fight him?

I don’t know actually, but yes he’d be L50.

That’s enough dad!

Jedi Knight vs. Bounty Hunter

Jasper says:

I’m not really sure who will win. But, I might go for the Jedi Knight. I like the Jedi can do force leap, but when the Jedi knight is hitting back the bullets, and bounty hunter can shoot and go backwards, but then the Jedi can do a force leap and do PSHHW PSHHW. The bounty hunter has a barrier so he can go bam bam bam bam, bam bam.

I’ve got a Jedi Knight, he’s got button 4 which does a super attack that can take out four people at once. He jumps up in the air then he goes wham and most people are dead.

I liked the flesh raiders. I loved killing them. The weird thing is they have a gun and a sword, when you go up close.


My favourite on the good side is the Smuggler. If they are a gunslinger they can go boom boom boom boom boom boom and most people will be dead.

My favourite bad guy is the Imperial Agent. They can go stealth, get their rifle out and snipe them.

I didn’t know the flesh raiders had swords. I just checked some footage on youtube, and he was right. Good memory. I’d been questioning Jasper about that.

Jasper explains tank-heal-damage triad

I often explain to Jasper how I used to tank, but now am a healer in SWTOR. He understands how the healers help the tank, and the damage dealers kill the boss, and so on. Talking about it today, we decided to set it up with Lego.

Jasper says:

“If the tank and healers dies, um, the damage dealer will end up dying, because he doesn’t have the armour, he’s the one that whacks fast, doof doof doof doof. The tank’s job is to keep the bad guy from attacking the damage dealer, because the damage dealer if he gets hit a few times he’s dead. Tanks can take a lot of whacks but they can’t do as hard a whack as the damage dealers.”

Trooper vs Sith Inquisitor

Jasper says:

“It’s really awesome the Trooper can get the Inquisitor out of stealth. Also so cool that the Sith Inquisitor can do that move where the Trooper spins around. The Trooper can go bang-bang-bang dead! But it’s not that easy. Because the Sith can just knock bullets back then Trooper dead, instead. Then the Trooper can shoot grenades and freeze him. I think the Trooper might win, what do you think?”

Consular vs Agent

Jasper says,

“It’s quite awesome that the Agent and the Consular are fighting, because it’s quite hard to choose which is the best, because they’re both so good. The Sniper can snipe people, but the Consular has a double lightsaber and can throw rocks out of the ground.”

Smugger vs Sith Warrior

Jasper says,

“It’s a nice video of Smuggler and Sith Warrior fighting each other. Some people might wonder which one will win – I do – do you? I like the a bit of the Smuggler better, do you, or not? I also like the charged shot and the stealth invisible, because then the Sith Warrior can’t see, then the Smuggler can go BOOF dead.”