Jasper explains tank-heal-damage triad

I often explain to Jasper how I used to tank, but now am a healer in SWTOR. He understands how the healers help the tank, and the damage dealers kill the boss, and so on. Talking about it today, we decided to set it up with Lego.

Jasper says:

“If the tank and healers dies, um, the damage dealer will end up dying, because he doesn’t have the armour, he’s the one that whacks fast, doof doof doof doof. The tank’s job is to keep the bad guy from attacking the damage dealer, because the damage dealer if he gets hit a few times he’s dead. Tanks can take a lot of whacks but they can’t do as hard a whack as the damage dealers.”

9 thoughts on “Jasper explains tank-heal-damage triad

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  2. Well he definitely understands how the triad works far better than most people. He should note, though, for future explanations the DD should attack the same thing as the tanks 🙂

    @pavelmorgy consular isn’t slacking he is tanking the “baddy trooper” the six year old wins 🙂


    • “You are right about the consular,” said Jasper. He also does understand the DD are squishy, would you believe it. Clever little fan.


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