Sith assassin

(Now in Jasper’s own words:)

This weekend I started a sith inquisitor. I called him Klaw.

The sith inquisitor can be a sith assassin or a sith sorcerer.

My guy will be a sith assassin.

Sith assassins can go stealth and can do damage up to 10 meters.

The sith sorcerer can attack up to 30 meters. The assassin is really good at PvP but the short range makes it harder, but worth it for the stealth. My favourite attack is force lightning, it’s on button four.

The first companion of the sith inquisitor is AWESOME. That’s why I chose the sith inquisitor.

When I was six, I couldn’t do the sith inquisitor or sith warrior because it was too evil. My dad didn’t let me.

If you have a child about six or less years old, don’t let them play sith inquisitor or sith warrior, but the sniper and bounty hunter are OK.

The sith assassin has a saberstaff, and the sorcerer has one lightsaber.

I’ve tried PvP on my level 15 smuggler. It is really hard and competitive, but you can fight all kinds of different people but you don’t bring in your companions.