The rise of the Hutt

In Star Wars there’s a new Hutt coming out and you will have to fight him. He wants to take over the galaxy. You meet him at Level 55. He’s a very tough boss with tough guards. He is cruel and mean and doesn’t listen to anybody who tries to stop him from taking over the galaxy. The new Hutt also has this big ship thing that he goes around on sand, just like the Lego one.

I have tried a consular, and I regret what I said before that I hate consulars. Sorry people. They’re awesome. Especially that gigantic rock attack that you get. It’s button 2.

I also think that bounty hunters are COOL.

I now have a level 17 smuggler, a level 4 consular, a level 7 trooper, sith inquisitor at level 13, and a sith warrior at level 7. I love them all (especially the smuggler). It’s annoying that my dad doesn’t let me play a lot. Today I’m going to play some though. He lets me play two hours a week instead of watching TV.