Overwatch Christmas Out

Overwatch Christmas is finally out and with it comes some awesome skins. There are lots of new Christmas themed skins including Rudolph (Roadhog) Santa (Torbjorn) and the Nutcracker (Zenyatta) and a bunch more.

I must admit, I am a bit disappointed at the Christmas brawl compared to Halloween one, Junkensteins revenge. It basically a huge Mei fight but your weapon shoots snowballs and has only a single shot. To reload you have to search the map for snow piles. You then suck them up and you get another single shot before you have to reload again. The ultimate gives you infinite ammo and you shoot very rapidly.

Here are some of the Overwatch Christmas skins.

mei christmsa skin.jpgmcree christmas skin.jpgOverwatch-Skin-Christmas-Epic-Roadhog-Rudolph-1024x576.jpgpharah christmas skin overwatch frostbite.png

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