Moira Is Out!

And now yet another new Overwatch character has been released… Moira!

Good things about her

Her range on her normal weapon is surprisingly good and her backstory is really cool. I love her fade ability, similar to Reaper’s but in some ways cooler. She is really effective when allies and enemies are close together, as she can use her biotic orb to either heal all her allies or damage all her enemies. Her Ult looks epic. In my opinion, she is the better version of symettra.

Bad Things about her

Moira Is a healer but It is so annoying because everything plays her like a DPS?!?!? What’s up with that? It’s quite funny because before nobody wanted to play a healer but now the only class you ever see in a game will be a healer. She Is not as effective when everybody is spaced out as her biotic orb can not hit multiple targets.