Llamas, Remote Explosives and Fortnite Mobile!

Fortnite has recently released a new update that has come with heaps of new things for us to use.

Firstly, we have the Fortnite Mobile that was released this week and I was very lucky to get it early on and I have been able to play a few games. It is basically the exact same as Fortnite Xbox, PS4 or PC, apart from that the mobile versions graphics are a bit more cartoony than the original and whenever there is gunfire or people running near you a line will appear near your character in the direction of the sound. But apart from that weapons, chests and building are exactly the same.Image result for fortnite mobile gameplayImage result for fortnite mobile gameplay

Next, we have the remote explosive. Now, these are a heap of fun. You can make hilarious traps or get amazing kills. Throw one down, run away and then pull the trigger and your remote explosive will blow.


And Finally, we have the llama, a new type of chest that will appear at random locations inside the map and will give you 500 of each type of resource (wood, brick and metal) and will also give you masses of ammo of all types and you might even be able to find some remote explosives inside as well! However, Llamas are very rare and there will only be three dotted around the map.

Image result for llama fortnite