Its Christmas!!

Hi people, Its Christmas soon so I’m going to put out some lego Christmas videos! These videos are funny and will start you off with a jolly Christmas spirit! I’m just thankful my dad isn’t here trying to put out some cheesy christmas jokes like, what do you call an elf that sings? a wrapper! Or the joke that my teacher would tell me. What do you call Santa’s helpers? subordinate clauses.

I’m dreading the time were we have to go Christmas shopping!!!  Luckily it wont be as bad as this video.





yet ‘another’ parody of Dickens Christmas carol

Hey guys, this is a hilarious Christmas star wars Lego video, even if it was made in 2013. The idea of Darth Vader and Santa fighting is hilarious

I feel sorry for the stormtrooper with all the paperwork. I know the feeling when I get heaps of homework. I think Santa would win because he could run Darth Vader down with his sleigh. But on the other hand, Darth Vader has like a cajillion stormtroopers and could invade the north pole. Who do you think would win?